JSI 2021 Engineering science day (8ème Journée des Sciences de l’Ingénieur)

FSBM – Casablanca (Morocco) 25 September 2021

The Engineering Sciences Day (Journée des sciences de l’ingénieur) is organized by the Laboratory of Analysis, Modeling, and Simulation (LAMS) of the Faculty of Sciences Ben M’sik, in collaboration with:

  • the Laboratory of Mathematics and its Applications and Computer Science (LMAI) of the Normal Higher School of Casablanca.
  • The Laboratory of Modeling Applied to Economy and Management (LMAEGE) of the FSJES Aïn Sebaâ of Casablanca
  • The Laboratory Topology, Algebra, Geometry and Discrete Structures (LTAGSD) of the Faculty of Sciences Ain Chok of Casablanca
  • The Laboratory of Mathematics, Computer Science and Application  (LMIA) of the Faculty of Sciences and techniques of Mohammedia
  • The Laboratory of Mathematical modeling and economic calculation  (LM2C) of the Faculty of Economics and Management of Settat.

The JSI-2021 edition of the Engineering science day (8ème Journée des Sciences de l’Ingénieur) will be held at the Faculty of sciences Ben M’Sik of Casablanca, Morocco. The purpose of the JSI 2021 Engineering Sciences Day (Journée des Sciences de l’Ingénieur) is to present the applications of mathematics in industry and services. To strengthen the links between mathematicians and industrialists and extend them to new fields.

This concerns (recognized) applied mathematics: scientific computing, statistics, modeling, optimization …). But also more traditional mathematics (geometry, algebra, analysis, logic, dynamic systems …).

This event is part of the strategy that aims to make the field of engineering sciences a pioneering field. In order to combine different disciplines, establishing important links between engineering science teachers and the industrial world. And presenting the latest innovations, whether in scientific, economic, or industrial.

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